About Wisdom Forge and Dave Scheer

Since 2008, Wisdom Forge has been a resource run by me, Dave Scheer to help organizations solve business problems using technology.  Up until now, this resource has mostly been through on-premise help – managing people, processes, technology and projects at their locations to get businesses where they need to go.  I’m now taking these resources online to teach you all I know about the world of technology so you can use it to fuel your income, your business, your mission and your life.

So, does this Dave guy have any Street Cred?

Hmmmmm – excellent question!  I will spare you the full resume, but I have around 25 years in the IT industry, and like many of you, those roles have been many and varied with both formal titles and informal ones.  But just so you you have some context, my roles have included:  IT Director for a state agency, IT Security Program Manager for a different state agency, multiple IT Project Manager roles, Entrepreneur (Owner or co-owner of multiple businesses), Systems Administrator, Web Developer, HR Director for an IT Consulting company, Teacher, Father, Husband, Sacred Sojourner, etc.